Victimization, Suicide, and Self-harm

Violence and Crime

Victimization, Suicide, and Self-harm

More recently, my research has branched out to include not only risk of violence to others, but risk of self-harm, suicide, and being the victim of violence. All such adverse outcomes (including violence) are over-represented among persons with mental illnesses, and they share common risk factors. However, little is known exactly about what those common (and unique) risk factors are. Our goal is to disentangle what these common and unique risks are. In addition, we are interested in the concept of ‘dynamic risk,’ as explained above, in this context.

Finally, some of my students and I are interested in the decision-making element to violence risk assessment. That is, what elements of a decision-making system facilitate good quality judgments about the risk for violence? This research is being conducted within a “Structured Professional Judgment” framework, and is informed by principles from the decision-making literature.


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